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SubjectRe: LINUX
Ted Rolle <> writes:

> Well, it seems to make more sense to have a well-defined place (like the
> start of the subject line rather than have it "in the headers". I like
> precision. Causes less problems downstream.

It _is_ in a well-defined place. Look at the headers of linux-kernel
messages; you should notice that each one contains the following
header line:


How much more precision than that do you need?

> And the "If your mail client can't sort properly..." is a fatuous
> argument.

I disagree. There are many mail clients available that can sort
linux-kernel without any problems. Even if you don't want to use one
of them, there are many mail delivery systems that can file mail
before your client ever touches it.

So, since there are many options that can do the sorting you want
without any modification to the list, why should the list change so
you don't have to?

If you simply don't want to use a more capable mailreader or mail
system, then I fail to see why everyone else should change.

Alternately, if you _can't_ use a more capable mailreader or mail
system, then your service provider is providing substandard service.

> Taken to the other extreme, would it cause insurmountable
> problems to the other "several thousand" on the mailing list? I think
> not.

Since you haven't really presented any reasons why you absolutely
cannot sort linux-kernel with the current system, I don't think
changing the entire list is justified.


nat lanza --------------------- research programmer, parallel data lab, cmu scs --------------------------------
there are no whole truths; all truths are half-truths -- alfred north whitehead

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