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    SubjectRe: Detecting changed files for JIT/metadata cacheing

    Jamie Lokier wrote:

    > - Initial inode state is Modified.
    > - The serial number is
    > updated once on transition from Not-Modified to Modified -- this
    > only happens when the file is modified and is in the Not-Modified state.
    > I.e. normally this never happens.
    > - The Not-Modified->Modified transition causes the parent directory
    > to be checked -- if that's marked Not-Modified do the same thing
    > there and so on. Again this does not usually happen, so no
    > overhead in the usual case.
    > - Reading the serial number sets the flag to Not-Modified.

    Ohhh ... I was thinking you'd actually be updating the serial number along with
    the date each time the file was updated ... so basicly this would only work if
    the program kept the file open ... or let the kernel know in some other way that
    it was interested.

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