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    SubjectRe: FTP benchmark proposal

    > In reference to your idea about asking ZD to help, I think we should be
    > wary. ZD is a news organization. Whatever we do on thier dollar would be
    > for news, not necissarily the good of Linux, no matter what thier
    > intentions (which actually seem to be friendly).

    careful. Don't be so willing to discount people until you've actually
    interacted with them.

    I've talked with some ZD Labs people, and they're at least interested in
    investigating letting us use their lab for a bit. It would be silly to
    ignore this offer, as they have all the hardware setup and ready to go and
    good experience running this sort of thing.

    > We should _definitely_ have both scenarios available. M$ seems to have

    why? should we also use a single ide drive? multiple 100mb nics simply
    do not aggregate traffic as well as a single gigabit card. If I were
    setting up a site of this magnitude I sure as hell wouldn't want to mess
    around with the silliness of having lots of nics.

    > found a weakness in our network code with multiple NICs. We shouldn't
    > just turn to Gbit as the answer. We (actually, others who know a hell of
    > a lot more than I) need to fix the multi NIC problem or it will show up

    The software problem is mostly fixed in 2.3, the fundamental hardware
    problem still remains.

    > That said, I look forward to seeing your FTPD pulling 20MB/sec+
    > sustained transfer. :)


    -- zach

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    007 373 5963

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