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    SubjectPCI && PIII Questions
    1)  On the PIII, there is the capability to get a system unique serial
    number from the CPU. Does Linux read this data already? Is there plans to
    read the serial number and then disable the capability (maybe so you could
    get the serial number from the OS)?

    2) In the O'reilly book Linux Drivers there are several routines for
    getting PCI interface information. An attempt to try some of the example
    code comes up with several routines as undefined. pcibios_strerror() is
    one, pcibios_find_device() is another, how do I get these functions defined?

    -- Tony Preston, Team *AMIGA*, Linux developer since 1996
    -- Custom Services, P. O. Box 254, Moorestown, NJ 08055
    -- The Amiga Zone BBS (609) 953-8159

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