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    SubjectRe: Why Linux is doomed
    In article <>,
    Paul Barton-Davis <pbd@Op.Net> wrote:
    >>It is people like me who do the quality assurance for Linux.
    >>People like me who complain. And if there is just _one_ goof like the
    >>FAT problem, there are literally thousands of people who will run into
    >>this problem and be discouraged to upgrade their kernel in the future.
    >You just don't get it do you ?
    >We don't *want* "people" upgrading their kernels to any development

    You may not.

    But you're not Linus, so it may be a bit presumptious to speak
    for him.

    david parsons \bi/ if nobody tests the kernels, would
    \/ that make them better?

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