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    Subjecthttpfs (Was: Re: A few questions.....)
    On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Stephen Frost wrote:

    > > Wouldn't be a cleaner way to use standard open() call on a kind of
    > > httpfs, ftpfs?
    > >
    > > And yes, in my opinion, httpfs, ftpfs and others could be a good examples
    > > of user-space filesystem implementations.
    > As a filesystem I could see it possibly going into the kernel, and
    > have something like '/http/somehost/something.tar.gz'. That seems to make
    > some amount of sense to me, and be cleaner than hacking up things to watch
    > for 'http://' at the beginning of something...

    There's no problem in it. I'm working on a user-space filesystem using
    Jeremy's userfs and then you can do commands like

    cp /http/somehost/some.tar.gz <somewhere_else>

    I've even done a 'network filesystem' skeleton, which you can use for
    quite simple implementation of other user-space filesystems like ftpfs.
    I hope I'll finish it quite soon.

    Concerning the possibility of writing user-space filesystems in current
    kernels: You have several choices. Good overview is on Pavel Machek's
    Podfuk site
    I prefere the userfs.

    I'm asking the other fs-developers: Is there any other current project of
    httpfs, ftpfs like filesystems right now, which would implement these
    filesystems inside kernel?

    I'm curious how would someone implement inside kernel things like
    gethostbyname(), etc. or using the TCP.

    Yes. I can see a sense in using such filesystems like httpfs.


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