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SubjectRe: A few questions..... wrote:
> there is a bunch of tools able to get a html file and to pipe it. but
> a pipe isnt the same thing that a file.
> ex: i have a program and his command line requires a list of file
> and i want one of them as "http://.." or "/http/.." (choose the one
> you prefer). a pipe cant satify this case.

the example i gave below includes this possibility. bash provides
the syntax <(list) which attaches the output of (list) to a named
pipe and provides that named pipe as the command-line parameter
of the command.

> for PUT, write() seems ok.
> for POST,... i dunno :) what is the purpose of the POST command ?

well, it's a URL so that URL could be news:// or something else
that supports the POST operation. i presume we are considering
any URL, not just "http://..."

> On Thu, Jun 24, 1999 at 05:39:26PM +0100, Jan-Simon Pendry wrote:
> >
> > use the perl GET command ...
> >
> > GET | less
> >
> > or use a shell (which is there for a reason)
> >
> > diff <(GET <(GET
> >
> > a large problem with hiding this functionality inside open() is
> > that the URL is not the only attribute being sent in the HTTP/1.1
> > GET request. also, what interface would you provide for PUT and
> > POST?
> >
> > jan-simon.


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