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SubjectRe: [off-topic] Microsoft IP Stack
On Wed, Jun 23, 1999 at 01:48:06AM -0700, Craig Milo Rogers wrote:
> Uh, probably not. The first VAX Unix implementation was
> produced by BBN, under ARPA contract. I think ARPA's contract with
> Berkeley was primarilly to add shared-memory/VM features to BSD Unix
> (umm... this work was later abandoned in favor of the SysV extensions
> in that area?). It is unclear to me, at this point in time, whether
> the BSD developers incorporated portions of BBN's work into BSD Unix,
> or whether they created a new IP stack from scratch.

Likely interesting readings from 1981 (and 1985) are:

( ok, I looked for a) old documents, b) containing word VAX )

For 4.1BSD the BBN code was the thing (entry BBN-VAX-UNIX(*)),
for 4.2BSD the Berkeley team did a lot of work, but per
the entry BERKELEY-VAX-UNIX-4.2(*) they apparently just
pulled in BBN code and made some small changes.

(*) At the tcp-ip-implementations.txt.1

So, instead of Berkeley Socket API, perhaps we should
refer to "BBN Socket API" ?

Also, very likely that BBN code is the source of the
TCP URG one-off processing error in 4.* BSD systems,
and their derivatives ?

> Craig Milo Rogers

/Matti Aarnio <>

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