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    Subject2.2.10-ac4 / knfsd 1.4.1 poor parallel reading performance


    I am running 2.2.10-ac4 + knfsd 1.4.1, and, as for the previous
    versions, the server behaves strangely very badly when concurrent
    readers are accessing the NFS exported partitions.

    Using iozone, I can achieve roughly 6 Mo/s with one reader.
    Using many readers (from 2 readers upwards), reading rate
    drops to 1,5 Mo/s cumulated. For example, with 3 readers, each
    of them reads at 500 Ko/s, and the load of the server climbs to

    Using many iozones locally on the server shows that the cumulated
    reading rate is independant (or just with little performance loss)
    to the rate obtained with one reader (ie, ~ 10 Mo/s).

    So, the problem seems to be the simultaneous NFS accesses (maybe combined
    with simultaneous disk accesses).

    Any idea ?

    Thierry Danis
    Poste : 53 53

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