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SubjectRe: File Corruption Bug.. continued
Andrea Arcangeli:
> On Wed, 23 Jun 1999, Alan Cox wrote:
> >I don't either. But I don't run quotas. Thats why Quota is my number 1
> >suspicion
> I don't run quotas too. Is somebody not using quotas but still getting fs
> corruption?
I had _lots_ of corruptions on my box with 2.2.8, the last
new kernel i tried. I had to reinstall the hole box and went
back to 2.0.36.

I'm not using quota but an adaptec u2w scsi. Old ide disks
are used for backups from time to time. Kernels are
compiled with gcc- which has internal errors from
time to time.

I wont switch back to 2.2.x til this gets fixed. Sorry.


-- Michael Schulz
-- NatS (Natural Language Systems), Uni Hamburg

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