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SubjectRe: 2.3.6 TCP stack bug
On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, David S. Miller wrote:

> Small outgoing packets to the pop3 server or to smtp servers seem
> to work fine though -- it looks like the TCP stack is only able to
> do one thing at a time and it processes stuff in LIFO order (or in
> this case, FINO).
> Are you trying to do bulk transfers and "choppy" connections at the
> same time? This is where PPP tends to break down, and one suggested
> workaround is to explicitly set your tx queue length to some small
> value at ifconfig up time (say "4"), this makes congestion control
> kick in much faster in these kinds of connection loads. You will then
> see that load is spread out more evenly and connections make equal
> progress.

OK. I'll try different things and document them for the
linuxperf site so that others can learn from it. I'm
also downloading a new netbase package since ifconfig 1.46
doesn't seem to know about txqueuelen :)

Btw, are the net gurus working on improving the worst-case
default behaviour of the Linux networking code? In this
case workarounds are needed to get regular work done, this
just isn't the Right Thing :(


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