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SubjectRe: FENRIS (nwfs) 1.4.2 Source Code Available,

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Jeff Merkey wrote:

> just saying we should try to assess the impact on the commercial Linux
> vendors, and try to give them adequate warning, but progress also has a
> price and I agree it's difficult tightrope to walk.

i think we can assume that the Linux filesystem architecture goes only
'forward', so things will keep getting cleaner and it will be more and
more easy to integrate new filesystems. The fact that Linux now supports
27 different filesystems (plus 10+ more whcich are not yet in the main
tree) i think underscores this trend. So if a filesystem is already
multiplatform-abstracted, it should not be _too_ hard to support 'yet
another platform', 2.2/2.4 in this case. And this is the reason why we'd
very much like to get feedback on what particular features/interfaces you
are missing badly when porting stuff from NT to Linux, both sides of the
fence have alot to learn i think :)

-- mingo

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