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    SubjectRe: Massive e2fs corruption with 2.2.9/10?
    On Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Harald Koenig wrote:

    > > compared with 2*27 perfect kernel builds with 2.2.5, now I'm pretty sure
    > > it's not a hardware bug on my side.
    > update: I'm no longer sure that it's a kernel problem in my case.
    > after reducing the CPU clock from 450 to 400 MHz I've now compiled
    > >2*100 kernels using 2.2.10 with no single problem at all.

    I'll second that... I don't know what I saw with 2.2.5 (from RedHat 6.0),
    but after 150 kernel compiles, the problem has not reoccurred. I did not
    change anything in my system configuration between when I saw the problem
    and just recently when I couldn't reproduce it.

    I do notice, however, that a lot of the people reporting problems are
    using NCR810 based SCSI cards (like myself).


    Mike Frisch Email:
    Northstar Technologies WWW:
    Newmarket, Ontario, CANADA

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