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SubjectRe: Massive e2fs corruption with 2.2.9/10?
> I am also seeing many frame errors on my ISA networkcard (NE2000 compatible,
> realtek 8019 chip). When using an PCI card, these problems disappear, but it
> isn't a faulty card, because I tried another one.

Did you try another motherboard however >

> These problems appear to be memory or timing related, so I currently suspect
> the DMA work-arounds for the VP3 chipset, but I will not be certain of that
> before I have tried an older kernel.

The VP3 DMA workaround stuff is only used by sound cards, and is specific
to some 16bit ISA DMA funnies. How is your VP3 set up, I have mine set up
as 66MHz memory bus, 33MHz CPU bus, Cyrix MII CPU, write allocate enabled [
I think. Intel i740 in the AGP slot, 3c509 ethernet. Other cards not in use.

The IDE drive Im using is pre UDMA. The other drive is a 640Mb M/O ATAPI drive
using ide-scsi, which afaik is also non UDMA


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