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    SubjectRe: Protol for Linux investigation
    On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, Niclas Anderberg wrote:

    > Hi!
    > I am currently investigating the availability and functionality
    > of a number of protocols for Linux. Please let me know if they are
    > available (in any form, even outside the standard linux kernel),
    > and if they aren't in the standard kernel then please tell me where
    > I can find them (if you can).
    > Transport protocols:
    > * Netware/IP
    Netware IP? I.E. IPX/SPX? We do that one easily. It's a kernel option,
    plus you have extra packages that give the full support.
    > * Pure IP (Netware)
    Pure IP? If you mean Netware 5's IP, it's just TCP/IP. I don't think linux
    currently supports the extensions that Novell included, but it cann't be
    far off

    > * ipv6 (TCP/IP). Linux is supposed to have some support for ipv6, but
    > in what state is the development right now?

    IIRC, Ipv6 isn't finalized yet, and linux is closely following any

    Thats all I know of. Ask others about the rest. Also, if I am incorrect on
    any of these, I am sure someone will correct me (gently I hope!)

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