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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] Re: [patch] `cp /dev/zero /tmp' (patch against 2.2.9)
> The process  does only sit in a loop and write() data from RAM to /dev/dsp
> ( RT FIFO scheduled),
> and in background I call scripts which write / copy / read from/to large files,
> trying to disturb the RT thread.
> Obviously my disk I/O processes are scheduled without realtime priority.
> The scheduling latencies on Linux go up to 70-130ms on pretty high end HW.

What hard disk controller, if its IDE how is it tuned (DMA/UDMA, irq masked ?)
If it is a random socket7 board what fairness settings have you got in the
BIOS as by default on some of these boards IDE DMA can hog the entire bus.


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