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SubjectRe: Massive e2fs corruption with 2.2.9/10?
On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, Larry McVoy wrote:

> If you pick up
> you will get a Linux binary and the source code (the only docs that are current,
> I'm afraid) for a tool which was designed to deal with this problem. You
> can do this
> lmdd of=XXX bs=10m move=120m opat=1
> To read it back and make sure the pattern is there
> lmdd if=XXX bs=10m move=120m ipat=1
> You can also read it back using random offsets within the file, something
> which sometimes catches an error or two:
> lmdd if=XXX bs=512 rand=120m count=1000 ipat=1

I grabbed a copy of lmdd and tried it on:

- dual-PII SMP, 128MB Mem, 2 x 333Mhz.
on-board Adaptec two-ch. AIC7895 UW controller
RedHat 5.2 Install
2.2.10-ac1 kernel

(hirsch@pii) /tmp : lmdd of=test1.file bs=10m move=500m opat=1
524.2880 MB in 34.1190 secs, 15.3665 MB/sec

(hirsch@pii) /tmp : lmdd if=test1.file bs=10m move=500m ipat=1
524.2880 MB in 30.9426 secs, 16.9439 MB/sec

(hirsch@pii) /tmp : lmdd if=test1.file bs=10m rand=500m ipat=1
(hang on, it's still churning away while I type this on the same box).
(still going? I'll web-surf a bit..)
( ok, the heck with it..)
10825.4986 MB in 735.9394 secs, 14.7098 MB/sec

Hey, Larry, I though it was supposed to stop on its own after 500MB? <g>

Anyway, as you'll see, I was unable to trip anything up. Maybe the
corruption is some sort of IDE thing?


p.s. - Larry, thanks for slinging this out there!

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