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SubjectRe: Kernel Hang ( linux 2.2.x x<=10 )
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Thanks a lot for your contribution !
<p>well now that you mention it, if i remember well, it seems that i started
getting this behaviour after installing the aha2940 ....
<br>but the freeze also happens when the SCSI is not sollicited since the
only device plugged on the SCSI is the JAZ&nbsp; and i don't use it that
<br>Last hang i had on 2.2.10 was when i was accessing the JAZ ... ( creating
a big tar.gz on it ) but i also had it without playing with SCSI.
<br>If most of the people experiencing this behaviour have this card then
we might have a clue ....
<p>Ward Vandewege wrote:
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>At 22:49 15/06/99 +0000, Charles-Edouard Ruault wrote:
<br>> It's an AMD K6-2 400 on an epox motherboard, 128MB RAM , IBM IDE
<br>> AHA 2940 SCSCI card on which i've plugged a IOMEGA JAZ and an intel
<br>> ehterexpress pro 100 NIC card.
<br>> since the beginnig ( kernel 2.2.x ) i've been experiencing a lot
<br>> random system hangs ( no messages on the console or in the log files
<br>> The only way after such a hang is to do a hard reset.
<p>Same thing here. My hardware is the following: PII-350, 128MB RAM, Dual
<br>Samsung 6.4GB HDD, AHA 2940 SCSI card (only used for my cdroms, scanner,
<br>SyJet), ISA ne2000 clone and PCI ne2000 clone.
<br>As you can see the only thing that matches with Charles-Edouard's setup
is the
<br>AHA 2940 SCSI card. Am I dreaming or was there an AHA2940 in every
<br>mentioned on this list that has this behaviour?
<p>The Linux box is a smb fileserver also acting as gateway/firewall for
<br>internet connection, masquerading the internal network.
<p>I can reproduce the hangs, that seem to occur when there is a lot of
<br>network/disk traffic. When machines behind the firewall use a windows
<br>synchronization utility, comparing files between the Samba share on
the Linux
<br>server and the local disk, the Linux server freezes after a 20-30 seconds.
<br>messages anywhere, nothing in the logs, alt-sysrq doesn't do anything
<p>It has happened too when someone started ftp-ing a big file (10+MB)
at high
<br>speed (100+ Kb) through the firewall, or even at random, mostly in
X sessions
<br>on the firewall.
<p>I have seen this behaviour with stock 2.2.7, 2.2.9 and 2.2.10. I have
<br>reproducing it with 2.2.5-22 (the latest RedHat 6.0 kernel update),
but could
<br>NOT. That kernel seems to behave properly.
<p>Hope this helps - if you need more info please let me know.

Charles-Edouard Ruault</pre>
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