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    SubjectUDF patch to 2.2.9
    At the following link is a patch to the 2.2.9 that implements the UDF
    filesystem, used by DVDs and packet-written CDRWs and such.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to plead for some needed updates to
    the SCSI and IDE cdrom modules. The UDF module currently makes direct
    calls to the SCSI driver in some places that make it mostly incompatible
    to IDE drives. It would certainly be cleaner if the functions we need
    were implemented in the Uniform CDROM interface. What we need is
    inclusion of the SCSI3/mmc2 command set, which is used by DVDs, CDRs,
    CDRWs, etc. I have a link to some SCSI3/mmc2 information at

    As an added bonus, if these features were included, perhaps the cdrecord
    maintainer would stop saying that Linux had the worst SCSI
    implementation! :-)

    Dave Boynton

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