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    SubjectRe: Profanity in the Linux Kernel?!?!?
    * Riley Williams said:

    > > Aren't there translations for it, anyway? I mean, it should be
    > > that hard to have language strings of some sort and be able to
    > > use it. Even without it, most English language descriptions may
    > > not have much weight to one who doesn't know English very
    > > well... I think that it's a loss that could be accepted.
    > Personally, I'd prefer to see Linux move over to having any error call
    > a separate module to generate the actual error message, and leave that
    > module to sort out the precice wording thereof. That way, it could be
    Why litter the kernel with messages? Why not just add error interpretation
    to some external daemon - sysklogd is an excellent place to do that. It
    would simply parse all kerenel messages looking for, say

    "kernel: kerror 00 at 0x0000:0x0000"

    then look it up in some erorr database and output the translated message -
    and even localized one if you will. Less kernel space, more convenience for
    users, and no more such longish discussions as this one. I would gladly code
    it, if there was consent it's a good approach.

    > However, when I proposed such a system some months back, and offered
    > to do the necessary, it was turned down by all concerned, apparently
    > on the basis of the loss of performancee that such a system was
    > claimed to inevitably suffer from.
    If put in the kernel, yes, but in the userland?


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