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SubjectRe: More new schedule() results ...

>> N.Threads 2.3.5 MyPatch Diff
>> 2 700000 600000 -15 %
>> 10 280000 365000 +25 %
>> 450 6100 8900 +45 %

>this is what i suspected. If we are switching 450 threads that also do
>some real work then we are trashing the cache _badly_ already, so pure
>scheduling costs will not matter at all. Most systems (even loaded
>servers) have typically less than 5 runnable processes. So those systems
>will see 15% scheduling slowdown. Some applications might use many threads
>- for those cases your patch is a nice improvement.

Sorry, but are we building a new version of MS-DOS here ???

Linux is well known as good server platform and You want to say me that
more of Linux users will fall the 2 thread case ??!?!

In a schedule() algo filled of gotos to get a better prefetch queue that can
improve speed no more then 10 % I post a patch that on tipical Linux machines
will lead to a 30 up to 80 % of increasing performance.

Now one of the two things must be true:

1) I'm crazy
2) I'm in the wrong place

Let me know.


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