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Subjectbooting secondary kernels
I want to experiment with development kernels and still keep my 
original, good working kernel (SuSE 6.1 self-compiled), so i altered
the makefile of the development kernel to install the kernel in
/dboot, so that i can have my old one in /boot. Then i added the
necessary lines to lilo.conf and told it that a secondary kernel
/dboot/vmlinuz exists.

Problem turns out to be, that when i boot the development kernel
(the normal one works fine), the module info is loaded from
/boot/ instead of /dboot/, so the version is
different and this results in an error.

My question now is how i could prevent that happening and what
everybody else is doing. I don't have the option of installing the
other kernel in another partition or something like that, just a

I hope this is not to far from the linux kernel mailing list issues, but
i don't have any idea where to ask otherwise and it is definatly
kernel related. If you think this is wrong in here, please send me a
note, telling me where to look for this information.

-Helmut Naughton

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