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SubjectRe: Preparations for ZD's upcoming Apache/Linux benchmark

On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, Alex Belits wrote:

> None of headers in response are supposed to be changed between requests
> except Date.

Sure, if it's just a static response and there's no content-negotiation
going on.

> > I'm not that happy about getting things like "building a
> > Date: Header with time zone and everything" in the kernel.
> It's in GMT, and IMHO can be omitted. And userspace application can feed
> parameters to the kernel just like what is used for kmod.

If you intend to implement HTTP, and you intend to use the Last-Modified
or Expires headers, then you MUST include a Date header. See rev-06 of
the update to rfc2068 for more clarification.

And given that static responses are the best places where Last-Modified
and Expires can be used... it seems silly to omit them.

But then, they just slow down benchmarks, so carry on, carry on.


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