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    SubjectRe: SGI's XFS DONATED AS OPEN SOURCE!!!!!!!!!
    Dan Koren <> writes:

    > File system companies like Transarc or Veritas could not exist if
    > such were the case. File systems can be ported between different
    > OS's, even though this isn't trivial. Developing a transactional
    > file system from scratch is still a lot more work than porting an
    > existing one.

    Transarc may not be a good example here; many of the tricky bits of
    AFS stay in userland, where it's much easier to port things.

    It is still possible to port an entirely in-kernel filesystem without
    _too_ much pain, though -- I'm doing it now for a filesystem based on
    our NASD research that was originally written for OSF1. Apart from
    some cache issues, the port process has been surprisingly painless.


    nat lanza --------------------- research programmer, parallel data lab, cmu scs --------------------------------
    there are no whole truths; all truths are half-truths -- alfred north whitehead

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