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    SubjectRe: PROBLEM: fcntl(F_GETLK) on NFS-mounted file makes machine unusable
    Martin Baulig <> writes:

    > This will make the system unusable as soon as it executes the fcntl ()
    > system call. The machine is still responding to ping () but I have not
    > managed to make it do anything productive after that (for instance a short
    > C program printing the current time serveral times a second stops either).
    > As a side note, if you install netscape on a nfs mounted device, it will
    > use such a deadly fcntl () as soon as you choose `File / New Message'.

    Is your server capable of supporting the NLM locking protocol? The
    userspace nfs servers (Olaf Kirch's nfs-server) don't --as opposed to
    knfsd and most non-linux servers. NFS partitions from these kind of
    servers should be mounted using the 'nolock' mount option, and will
    only support local locks (i.e. they are not shared over the network).


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