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    SubjectRe: Migrating to larger numbers
    On Tue, 1 Jun 1999, Ard van Breemen wrote:

    [it's okay to be non-Y2.038K on 32bit cpus]
    > This is not a valid assumption, and there is 1 good example for that:
    > Y2K...
    > The idea that 32 bit will be obsolete is probably non-true. We are still
    > using 4 and 8 bit microcontrollers. By then a lot of 32 bit
    > microcontrollers will be common in regular appliances. Those appliances
    > will by then be more complex, and therefore need a base that already has
    > no time problems.
    > I can see the logica with the amount of users on a 32 bit system, but not
    > with the time. 38 years is not that long, and I know that there still will
    > be a lot of 32 bit controllers out there (and even 8 and 4 bit...)

    Anyone who designs such an embeded device that cares about the time for
    anything other then human display should be SHOT anyways..

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