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SubjectRe: HELP: Creating new x86emu mailing list?
Alan Cox <> wrote:

> > I would like to get a new mailing list set up for the revamped GPL
> > x86emu project, of which I have just taken over as project maintainer
> How is this different from the Willows CPU emulation work in
> DOSemu. That already happens to have a lot of 16/32bit support and
> is being used actively for projects.

I have taken a look at the DOSemu stuff, but the emulator in there
was designed to emulator x86 code on x86 platforms (it has lots of
inline assembler). The Willows code originally was intended to run
anywhere, but the DOSemu stuff does not. Apparantly Willows is back
porting some of the changes back into their code base.

The DOSemu emulator was not much use for what I wanted it for,
because it depends on way too much other stuff to be useful. x86emu
is very clean, modular and can be built easily as a stand alone
emulator just to provide real mode BIOS access to protected mode
programs on any processor platform. However it is a very powerful
emulator (quite well designed IMHO), and with the changes I have made
it is also quite fast. Some people have said that perhaps this
emulator could be extended to support 32-bit flat model code (quite
easy given the added 32-bit instructions now included), and could be
used for the DOSemu project and also perhaps the GDB emulator for x86

I think the value of a completely stand alone x86 emulator that is
not tied to any particular project is extremely powerful.


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