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    SubjectRe: performance & you-know-who
    >> Alan Cox, who seems to be involved
    > I am not involved and I am not interested in being used to dignify
    > Mindcraft's last flailing attempts to stay in business at any cost.

    You were just flaming? I'd heard that you provided suggestions.

    PC Week will be running this. I don't look forward to reports of Linux
    people wimping out. I see only two weak excuses left, the Ami MegaRAID
    card and unassisted Apache server.

    It is stupid to simply refuse, and perhaps stupid to simply accept.
    The only safe option is to create a list of demands that would make
    the benchmark acceptable.

    > the Linux people are obliged by the agreeemnt to issue a joint press
    > release
    > ", and which will be positive about ..."

    That is quite silly. Consider these demands:

    1. No more joint press release. They do theirs, we do a few dozen.
    2. Zeus web server and/or (?) reverse squid proxy
    3. Mylex or ICP-Vortex instead of Ami MegaRAID

    Would that be enough for you? How about if VA Research Linux Solutions
    was allowed to substitute an equal-cost Linux server? (good PR for them)

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