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SubjectRe: performance & you-know-who
On  9 May, Linus Torvalds spewed forth:
:: In article <Pine.LNX.4.05.9905090353100.878-100000@laser.random>,
:: Andrea Arcangeli <> wrote:
:: >
:: >If the benchmark imply VM and I/O load, my tree will give a big boost (as
:: >_worse_ a 10% improvement) and it's rock solid (I doesn't work by luck).
:: According to what the mindcraft people reported about their runs
:: earlier, the disk light is not actually on very much during the test:
:: both Linux and NT keep the whole working set in memory.
:: Of course, so far we haven't actually seen what is going on, so take
:: that with a pinch of salt.
:: Linus

This brings up a question of a more politically-oriented nature. Has
Mindcraft actually called anybody? I mean, have their VPs and CEOs
talked to the VPs and CEOs from the major Linux concerns (even the
"figurative" CEOs/VPs like Linux, Jeremy, Alan...). Or is this a
completely Web-oriented call? The last would seem rather bogus and
completely unprofessional to me.

If Mindcraft *has* contacted above people, for the purposes of 1)
requesting that said people participate in the tests and 2) for
hammering out the details of the test, is there some type of gag order
floating around? I would think that if Mindcraft *had* contacted
members of the Linux community in a professional manner, that the news
would spread like wildfire.

Just my $.02US...::

Matthew Vanecek
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