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SubjectRe: performance & you-know-who
In message <>, "Michael H. Warfield" w
| Albert D. Cahalan enscribed thusly:
| > There is a _new_ "Open Benchmark Invitation" on Mindcraft's site.
| >
| > This one is hard to refuse. PC Week has offered to supply the lab
| > and settle disputes over the rules. We got NT clients added, along
| > with an unlimited-patch test run and some random minor junk.


It occurs to me that there was no such uproar, and Mindcraft made no such
serious attempts to rectify things, when they pulled the same butchery
against NetWare. That the disbelief and distrust was nearly universal in the
media, and that Mindcraft now apparently finds it necessary to bend over
backwards to restore their credibility, says a lot about the credibility of
the Linux, Apache, and Samba communities.

And it says even more. The benchmark has been forced *open*, or at least far
more open than is normal. Proprietary *thinking* has been dealt a major blow
here. So even if NT ends up still outperforming Linux in the new benchmark,
we've accomplished something even more important: just by being what we are
--- open --- we've driven a stake through one of the major supports of the
proprietary mindset.

"World domination" may be a joke, but it's increasingly looking like a joke
with more than a kernel of truth. (And I really have to wonder what Gates &
co. are thinking now that, while they might win this battle, it's at the
price of a major setback in the war. When FUD fails this spectacularly, what
do they have left?)

brandon s. allbery [os/2][linux][solaris][japh]
system administrator [WAY too many hats]
carnegie mellon / electrical and computer engineering KF8NH
We are Linux. Resistance is an indication that you missed the point.

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