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SubjectRe: STAC compression (was: [OT] SB Live! drivers released for Linux)
Am Mit, 05 Mai 1999 schrieb Chris Adams:

>I don't deny binary modules are useful in some cases. For example, I
>have the documentation and source code for STAC compression, and intend
>to write a STAC compression module for Linux PPP (when I have time). I
>will not be able to distribute all the code necessary to recompile the
>module (I will distribute my code, but I can't distribute the STAC
>code). However, all the pieces necessary to recompile the module will
>be available - anyone can talk with Hi/fn and get a source license (they
>will license an old version of their code for free). And if someone
>wants a higher performance version, they can pay Hi/fn to get the newer
>STAC code and then distribute binary modules of that.

STAC compression is already available for ipppd (syncron pppd version
mainly used in European ISDN networks). Source code is available
for example at


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