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    SubjectRE: fork() Problem?
    I think it is official; I am sincerely sorry to say that R. B. Johnson is an
    idiot. I am usually not this inflammatory but I can't take this anymore.
    Here a colleague and I are ROFL while we read his responses but this takes
    the price, "... tested if the assignment succeeded. ..." Anyone please tell
    me how assignments fail in C? And this is after 3 quotes from the ANSI C and

    You know the categorization of people whether they are arrogant and/or
    stupid. If the guy is smart and arrogant, you can deal with him because he
    can be shown his mistakes. If he is stupid but humble, he accepts that he
    may have made a mistake but if he is both stupid and arrogant, there is no
    way to deal with him. I am glad I am not working for analogic.


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    Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 1999 1:42 PM
    To: Kurt Garloff
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    Subject: Re: fork() Problem?
    > if (pid = fork()) do_smth;
    > is identical to
    > if ((pid = fork()) != 0) do_smth;

    Not so. Your first instance tested if the assignment succeeded. It
    is a common error called 'boolean test of assignment' and is the
    most common error I've seen in 'C' coding.

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