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    SubjectRe: Oops assist...
    On Thu, 6 May 1999, Manfred Spraul wrote:
    MS>David Weinehall wrote:
    MS>> Wouldn't it be quite reasonable to make "Reboot on Oops" an config-option
    MS>> or a sysctl?
    MS>Obviously, yes. (I think that reboot on Oops should be the default).
    MS>But what about the oops report? I think that this report must be stored
    MS>somewhere. How do you want to find a bug without it?
    MS>(new bug report: Hey, my computer crashed yesterday at 21:15.
    MS>What's wrong?)
    MS>IMHO, the swapfile is the best & portable solution: NT uses
    MS>the swapfile, I've read the Solaris uses the swapfile, too.

    Currently, oops reports are syslog'd.

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    Thursday, May 06, 1999
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