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SubjectRe: [OT] SB Live! drivers released for Linux
Once upon a time, Alan Cox <> said:
> > at least they _do_ suppport linux. better binary than nothing.
> > I think that telling people to stay away is not a reward for the work SB
> > did.
> But buying a trident 4D Wave is clearly a fair reward for Trident's work.
> You can get a couple of good meals on the change too

I agree (and I ordered one yesterday from for $14.08 and free
shipping). The main problem I have with binary only drivers (or any
binary only modules) is that they limit my kernel options. I have to
use a kernel they support. Also, I have to use modules. And, if they
lose interest in a year or so, I am stuck, since nobody can pick up the
pieces and continue supporting the driver.

I don't deny binary modules are useful in some cases. For example, I
have the documentation and source code for STAC compression, and intend
to write a STAC compression module for Linux PPP (when I have time). I
will not be able to distribute all the code necessary to recompile the
module (I will distribute my code, but I can't distribute the STAC
code). However, all the pieces necessary to recompile the module will
be available - anyone can talk with Hi/fn and get a source license (they
will license an old version of their code for free). And if someone
wants a higher performance version, they can pay Hi/fn to get the newer
STAC code and then distribute binary modules of that.

BTW That brings up a question I have: can I make my code GPL with the
explicit exception that the STAC code from Hi/fn is considered like a
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