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SubjectRe: Make pppd kill active sockets...
On  2 May, spewed forth:
:: On Sun, May 02, 1999 at 10:53:36PM +0200, wrote:
:: > >
:: > > I plan to release a patch for that soon.
:: > >
:: > >
:: > > -Andi
:: >
:: > Could you make it configurable on the fly if possible?
:: > Since I (and all the dialup users in my univ.) get static ip for dialup,
:: > this feature(bug) is pretty useful for us.. (you know, your ssh connection
:: > will be still up even after you got disconnected & reconnected..)
:: Yes, it uses the IFF_DYNAMIC interface flag. So if you don't set it
:: nothing happens.
:: -Andi

Just out of curiosity, and because I'm not sure how it works, will
those messages affect sockets opened from masqed boxes? I.e., I'm
using wget, whatever, on my internal net, and when my ppp connection
goes down (usually by accident), it would be nice for said message to
travel back to the client on the masq box. I don't know why, but many
times applications fail to timeout (probably an application problem, but
still). In the case of wget, if the ppp connection goes down on my
masq box, for some reason wget fails to realize that and just sits
waiting for more packets.

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