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    SubjectRe: Ken Thompson interview in IEEE Computer magazine (fwd)
    On Tue, 4 May 1999, Mark Lord wrote:

    >Wojtek Pilorz wrote:
    >> So my understanding is that his opinions are based on reading Linux source
    >> code, rather than looking at any badly configured Linux system.
    >And from that a comparism is drawn against WinNT,
    >for which he has not been able to read any source code.. ?!?!?!

    Not to tell that I never had access to any IEEE or POSIX specs. Not to
    tell that I never had access to the sources of his unix.

    It would be nice if he could tell me what is not been well designed in
    Linux so I could start working to fix it.

    Obviously I suppose he is not talking about some device driver.

    Andrea Arcangeli

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