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SubjectRe: Lauching a userland program inside the kernel

> I'm sorry to ask such a question inside lkml but I'm in a student in an
> engineering school and we have a very strange project to realize.
> We must choose an OS (Linux is the winner !) and add some functionnalities
> in the kernel to create a new kind of links !
> The teacher want to add a link which can be created like this :
> ln -s '`echo $HOME`' mbin
> When you enter mbin, the kernel must start a shell (!!) to execute the
> script shell contained in the link (ie executes "echo $HOME"). This is a
> dangerous idea because you can put "rm -rf /" instead of a banal echo...
> But it's not my choice !

You may want to look at; then
implement your filesystem of choice into mc and have it magically into
kernel. ln -s '/overlay/#execme:echo%32$HOME' mbin should be well
doable even with unpatched kernel.

Probably one line hack with sfs ;-).

You really don't want such work to go into kernel; instead create
userland filesystem and do things there.

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