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SubjectRe: Mysterious lockups in 2.2.9.

In message <>, Martin Jos
efsson writes:

> Two of my friends experienced this with kernel 2.2.5 with just 10
> min apart. Thay where in X. The only thing you can do when this
> happens is to switch the power off och press the reset-button.

I get this if I run the seti program on my system. No other long
running process (so far) does this and it wasn't until kernel 2.2.5
that I had this trouble with seti.

I cannot test this program on 2.2.9 because that kernel will not
boot on my system at all... hangs after it sees the first IDE
controller for some reason.

Shannon - - InfiNet?
"It's a damn poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a
word." -- Andrew Jackson

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