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SubjectRe: RH6 and lilo - kernel too big
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On Sat, 29 May 1999, Dave Helton wrote:
> Alan, Have tried bzImage and come up with a kernel size of 471K. Made the
> necessary entries in lilo.conf and it still says 'kernel to big'.
> Have pared down the kernel to just the basics, most everything is compiled
> as modules. Using ram disk/initrd for scsi stuff and ext2 in the
> kernel itself, thats it!
> This is just weird. I had this problem with 5.2 some time back and don't
> remember what the fix was.
> I see that the stock 2.2.5-15 kernel is 617K and lilo doesn't complain
> about it. Would a previous version of lilo fix this or is that pointless.

I have a slightly different problem myself -- LILO won't allow _ANY_ 2.2.x
kernel other than 2.2.5-15 to boot. 2.3.x works, but any 2.2.x other than
Red Hat's doesn't.

I think that I'm going to upgrade the LILO package, as well any others
that mess with that stuff.

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