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SubjectRe: pre-2.3.4..

On Sat, 29 May 1999, Chuck Lever wrote:
> >
> > Chuck, it's unsafe. do_munmap() called from sys_brk() (or from do_mmap()
> > for that matter) may lead to ->f_count changes, which is *not* the thing
> > you want to do without big lock.
> i don't think it will do this for anonymous maps used by sys_brk().

Not for a nice user no.

A _bad_ user might do something like this:

/* Allocate the anonymous brk */
area = sbrk(largeamount);

/* Tee-hee, we'll mess with the kernels mind */
mmap(file, area, largeamount);


and then the unmap _will_ have a file backing from sys_brk().

Basically, if you want to drop the kernel lock (which is a good idea: it's
a rather nasty one to hold there, and in theory we really shouldn't need
it in normal use), you have to be more careful about it. Sadly.

(If it was trivial, I would have done it a long time ago. It shouldn't be
_hard_, but to do it right really does imply doing the simple mmap by hand
instead of being cheezy and calling "do_mmap()").

(The case where do_mmap() unmaps the old area is already protected
against: sys_brk() checks that there is no vma overlap, and refuses to
create a new mapping on top of an old one. So THAT case is safe, but it's
still true that you should never call do_mmap() without holding the kernel
lock, simply because as it is right now that would be a rule violation
even if you can prove that it "happens to work").


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