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    SubjectRe: [OFF-TOPIC] Register Linux
    On Tue, May 25, 1999 at 08:46:19AM -0400,  Raymond A. Ingles wrote:
    > On Sat, 22 May 1999, Leonardo Marques de Souza wrote:
    > > I would like to know, any one (one each country, depending of law)
    > > can register "linux" to deny others ,in the same country, to sell
    > > CDs, Disks, Books with "Linux" inside?? A enterprise in Brazil,
    > This sounds like what happened in the U.S. about three years ago.

    This sounds like what our infamous German lawyer is/was doing, registering
    the name "Explorer" in respect to software. No, he doesn't sue MS, they are
    already paying royalties to him.

    What he does, and apparently this even works, is he sues companies, who
    have a link for downloading any software called "Explorer" (most notably
    this Netscape clone, what was it called again) for, in some cases, a couple
    thousand DM.

    'sue' is perhaps the wrong word, we call it Abmahnung, it's a kind of
    'legal warning', allowing the charge of a lawyers fee.

    This is the same person who bought computers, and 'sued' the small shops,
    when he discovered that the word 'Triton' was displayed upon boot (this
    Intel chipset). It seemed, that there was a company called 'Tricon', and
    according to his reasoning, there was a danger of mistaking one for the
    other. No, he didn't talk to Intel. He ripped off the small computer
    eggheads who didn't even know such a law existed.

    > "Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced."
    > - Anonymous' restatement of Clarke

    "Any magic indistinguishable from technology may just be 'just

    Read Isaac Asimov's "Magic". There, this statement is torn apart quite
    cleverly. (talking about 'who is the fairest in the land' and videophones)

    _ciao, Jens_______________________________

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