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SubjectRe: 48 day uptime problem?
Bob McElrath wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, David Miller wrote:
> > It's 48 days old, and sorry, we're just a bunch of "punk kids" who
> > think they're going to change the world :-)
> Conveniently, my alpha hit 48 days uptime a day after you guys found this.
> Unfortunately, it seems the problem is more complicated than just the TCP
> code. I suspect that in many places in the kernel, time (in ms) is taken as
> a 32-bit integer. I experienced the following symptoms (kernel 2.2.2-ac7)
> when I hit 48 days:
> 1) No network connections succeeded.
> 2) processes that I "visited" (i.e. went to xterm, typed something...)
> spammed the CPU. Load hit 10 very quickly, and it took about 10 minutes for
> 'shutdown -r now' to succeed.
> I'll install 2.2.7 with your patch today, but in 48 days I'll be out of the
> country and away from my computer. I hope someone else can investigate this
> further sometime around the middle of June. ;)
> Maybe some greps of the source tree for time calls?

Which Is this known to be a 2.2 issue? I'm running 2.0.35 on an old
multi which has an uptime of 91 days. Only glich is netstat spewing
unaligned traps every now and again, but other than that, running
great. The machine is a user/mail/web/ftp server so it gets a fair
amount of network traffic.

Steve Roberts

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