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SubjectRe: ISDN and 2.3.3 etc.
I know I'm replying to my own message, but it took from Monday to
Thursday to come back via the list!

Now, unfortunately, I get so many oopses followed by a spontaneous
reboot on 2.3.3-ac3 (ISDN included) when connecting to the Internet
that I can't begin to debug it. Not a sausage is left in the logs
either due to the reboot happening before a sync.

One thing: the process named in the "oops" as it flashes by is
totally bogus (full of graphics characters, etc.) so maybe I
miscompiled something, though the compilation went off without any
bother at all.

P233, Hisax (Siemens) Teles 16.3 ISA (not PnP), no SCSI.


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