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SubjectRe: [2.2.9] performance problem on 100MBit network
On Thu, May 27, 1999 at 03:11:08PM +0200, Rogier Wolff wrote:
> David S. Miller wrote:
> > Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 16:08:30 +0200
> > From: Jochen Heuer <>
> >
> > Sometimes I get ping times of up to 20 seconds(!) while normaly
> > ping times are ~0.3ms. If this happens I have to reboot either my
> > server or my client.
> >
> > What can I do to debug this if it happens again?
> >
> > Let me guess, you see this behavior on systems where DHCP is running
> > in some way? And it happens about when a client rebinds, and the
> > machine in question is going ARP crazy if you watch it on the network
> > with tcpdump?
> Another possibility is that he has an RTL8139 card in the machine.
> There is an obscure bug in that driver that causes the card to get
> a certain "backlog". One packet is transmitted for every packet
> received.
> If that's the case, Jochen will see that if he starts a parallel ping
> to the same machine on a different xterm, the ping-times will drop to
> 10s.
> I haven't had time to debug this yet. (and stupid me, the machine has
> gone into production :-( )
> > Did I guess right?
> Did I guess right?

Nope, sorry. But it is an SMC EtherPower II. How can I debug this if
it happens? I'm not so familiar with tcpdump :( And I have not seen
this problem for days now. I'm using 2.2.9 on my server (Dual P133)
and 2.3.3 on my client (K6-2 300). Both machines are equipped with
a SMC EtherPower II network card.




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