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SubjectRe: Adding more than 8 swap partitions

> > I just wanted to make sure that I can add more than 8 swap
> > partitions under 2.2.8 by only changing the MAX_SWAPFILES #define
> > in include/linux/swap.h. I have a configuration here that would
> > benefit greatly from being able to use all 18 swap partitions it
> > has available. Let's just say that I'm doing some high-end
> > benchmarking before you say that I should just grow my swap
> > partitions. What is the maximum limit? I only see this used for
> > allocating an array, so I think it's doable, but I don't really
> > want to find out the hard way and having to fsck 30 or so disks...
> > Thanks!
> With sct's changed to allow >128MB of swap, why would you need this?
> You could just put a single swap on an md device surely?

Carefull! Very, very carefull!

You don't want to swap over devices that are not ready for swapping. I
do not think md is: it might want to malloc some memory when writting
out buffer.

I'm not saying md does it. I ..just could well imagine raid5 doing
it... So be carefull.

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