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SubjectRe: [OFF-TOPIC] Register Linux
> 	I would like to know, any one (one each country, depending of law) can register "linux" to deny others ,in the  same country, to sell CDs, Disks, Books 
> with "Linux" inside??

It depends on the country. In most parts of the world if the name has already
been used or is well known then it cannot be trademarked.

> A enterprise in Brazil, are trying to register "linux" to deny others to sell CD with mark "Linux" subscribed on CD.
> For example:
> If i try to sell CDs with name "Linux UlaUla" i can't !!!! olny with name "UlaUla OS" or "OSx"or others name without "Linux" in.....
> Its'possible!!??? "Linux" name is not a international trendmark of Linus or Gnu?

There is no such thing as an international trademark. On the other hand since
Linus owns the US, AT and ES trademarks on the product and since it was
shipped commercially since before 1994 it shouldnt be a big deal to squash
it, especially if the brazillian linux community as a whole files complaints
en masse.


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