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SubjectRe: XFS and journalling filesystems
"Jeff Merkey" <> writes:

> You should wait to see just how serious they really are about this, and how
> much of it they are really going to give you. Another Unix File system
> (yawn yawn yawn) with journalling (which means it will be **SLOW**). I
> would vote for the ext3 project to continue. It appears they were reacting
> to us. Here's a trace of their accesses to our website (obtained via
> reverse subdomain trap) on the day we announmced open sourcing FENRIS and
> giving it to you guys to have fun with (no strings attached). Not a
> coincidence. Enjoy. It looks like a commercial ploy to "hijack" linux and
> buoy up their legacy Irix products. To most big, old guard, commercial Unix
> companies, Linux is the "kiss of death" to their bloated, overpriced, and
> proprietary solutions. We are bringing Linux Novell's installed base of
> 8,000,000 NetWare Servers as a potential target market for Linux to
> penetrate. How many Irix nodes are there? 40,000 maybe?

Actually, I think you are wrong here. I suspect that they dn't think
they can keep IRIX going much longer outside of a very narrow field --
NT killed their lock on graphics. If they start pushing NT, they'll
kill their hardware, too, more than likely. *BUT*, if they push Linux,
then a) they'll likely sell more hardware and b) they are getting a
lot more people out there who aren't afraid of Unix.
Both of these are good things, from both their and our points of view.


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