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SubjectRe: Long `rm` times.
Marc Heckmann wrote: 
> On Wed, 19 May 1999, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
> > With version 2.2.6, I do not have long file remove times. If some
> > are having such a problem, it might have to do with their disk drives
> > and/or drivers. I have some SCSI disks and a BusLogic controller.
> I have a Sun Ultra/10 here (IDE drive) running RH-6.0 2.2.5 and an
> rm on a large file takes a _really_ long time to return and other I/O's on
> the disk don't return till the rm is done either (or at least till after
> a really long time). So maybe it's an IDE only problem. I have a PC with
> SCSI (BusLogic) and IDE at home, I'll try it here tonight.

Not an IDE problem -- my system is completely IDE (7 drives)
and I can "rm" a 2GB file in less than a couple of seconds.

I can "rm -r" a linux kernel tree quick quickly as well
(much faster than on Solaris or Freebsd).

Something fishy there.

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