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    SubjectRe: Where's the patch to 2.2.0?
    Riley Williams schrieb:
    > > this might be discusse already, but why is there no
    > > patch-2.2.0-pre9-to-2.2.0 (or something like that)??
    > > My guess that '2.2.0-final' is '2.2.0' was obviously wrong.
    > Why is it 'obviously wrong' then?
    > Q> 23248 Tue Jan 26 01:41:00 1999 patch-2.2.0-final.bz2
    > Q> 10592549 Tue Jan 26 01:41:00 1999 linux-2.2.0.tar.bz2
    > Curious that the patch you declare to be wrong and the 2.2.0
    > kernel tarball have identical timestamps if they're for different
    > kernels...
    So, have you tried to apply the 'patch-2.2.1' to a
    'patch-2.2.0-pre9'-patched kernel tree (The Makefile says '-final')?
    It produces lots of rejects. And the diff -urN between
    'linux-2.2.0-pre9' and 'linux-2.2.0' I had to produce by myself
    (which I expected to find as 'patch-2.2.0-pre9-to-2.2.0')
    is not small, 23315 bytes in it's .bz2 version.

    And I have never seen a 'patch-2.2.0-final.bz2' !

    -- ICQ# 35494128

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