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SubjectRe: Printer and Zip drive don't work together.
On 20 May, Tim Waugh spewed forth:
:: Here's what I'd like you to do:
:: 1. Have all the parport/ppa/lp stuff as modules.

Ok, did that and booted with the new kernel.

:: 2. Fresh boot, load the parport, parport_pc, and lp modules, and check
:: that printing works when the Zip drive isn't there.

Printer is hooked to the parallel port. Printed a couple of test pages
(including your message!).

:: 3. Then plug the Zip drive in, and the printer into it, and see if
:: printing works. If not, it pretty much has to be a hardware problem.

Ok, only the lp, parport, parport_pc modules loaded. Zip is plugged in
again and powered on. Printed another couple of test pages.

:: 4. With the Zip drive still in, load the ppa module. Find out if printing
:: works. If it did before, and doesn't now, it's a parport/ppa interaction.

Loaded the ppa module. Now have ppa, lp, parport, and parport_pc
loaded. Tried to print a couple of test pages. Nothing doing. Stopped

:: Try powering off and on the Zip drive and see if printing works again.

Ok, did that. Printing started again. I loaded/mounted a disk, and
printing stopped. Powered the Zip off again, and the printer started
printing again. Of course, this generates read errors when reading
files from the zip, until I umount/mount it again, which effectively
disables printing until I turn off and back on the Zip, thereby
creating a vicious cycle.

:: Let me know what happens.
That's about it.

Matthew Vanecek
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